Job Title:SAP HCM Consultant/Lead
Primary Skills:SAP HCM Netweaver Java & ABAP
Description:SAP HCM Consultant/Lead - - - -

Job Description - - - - -
The resource will be the front office SAP HCM consultant who will interact with the client on a daily basis, gathering requirements and communicating them to the back office. The consultant will also coordinate and manage the work of the back office team that will be offshore and will be between 2 and 6 consultants in the HCM and Java area. The consultant must have excellent communication skills and be able to effectively manage and support the client requirements. Must have experience in designing and developing HCM Processs & Forms based solutions for large multinational companies. The project will follow a frugal and agile approach wiht the goal of low cost/high speed development and deployment. The project will follow the customers Application management standards and process.
- - - - -Skill Sets Required - - - - -
Work independently, good problem solving skills. The skill set of the team is listed below. The front office consultant is expected to be proficient in SAP HCM and
experienced in working the Java Development team.
The Implementation team must have proven expertise in designing and developing HCM Processes & Forms based solutions and Java development for large multinational companies. Specific areas of required expertise are:
- SAP Human Capital Management (ECC 6.0 Enhancement Pack 5)
a. HCM Processes & Forms Configuration
b. Knowledgeable of proven best practices for design/development of Generic and Advanced Services
c. ABAP Development
d. SAP Workflow Configuration, administration and troubleshooting
e. Universal Worklist configuration
- Java development (JVM runtime environment 1.4.2 on SAP Netweaver 7.01)
a. JavaServer Faces –
b. ICEfaces -
c. Facelets -
d. Java Unified Expression Language (EL) -
e. SAP provided HCM Processes & Forms standard Portal reporting iviews pages and worksets (e.g. track my forms) as well as working knowledge on the following areas:
o XDoclet -
o EJB 2.1 -
o JCA resource adapters (to connect to SAP) -
Note: 70-80% of the Forms Transformation is estimated to be SAP HCM Processes & Forms configuration and development while the remaining 20-30% is expected to be Java development. - - - - - - -

Accountable for providing overall direction and integration for a specific SAP module, functional and/or business area. Understands the business strategy of a particular function/area and works with the team to define business requirements. Communicates and coordinates with other team leads, business leadership, and Project Manager to ensure appropriate integration of processes and modules across enterprise. Oversees, defines and monitors critical path activities and resolves issues or escalates issues to the Project Manager as needed. Drives the design and implementation of new business processes with organizational structure and required SAP configuration. Must possess an in-depth understanding of the business function/process supported, and also be viewed as a credible representative of that business function/process. Successful implementation is dependent on the ability of incumbent to influence business leadership and management decisions and drive ownership and acceptance of this change to the business. Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, Business Administration, or other related field. Or equivalent work experience. Typically has 5 - 8 years of IT and business work experience. Often is recruited internally from high-level management positions in the organization. Requires prior management, supervisory, or team leader experience.